., Piešťany, Slovak Republic 3393

16th/17th century Renaissance mansion for sale, with a large park (119 488 m2)

850 000,00€
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16th century Renaissance mansion for sale, with a large park (119 488 m2) situated 19 kilometers from the spa town of Piestany. It is the largest and best known spa town in Slovakia and has approximately 30,000 inhabitants with international airport,
32 km from Nitra, 98 km from Bratislava, 165 km from Vienna airport (145 km highway).

The mansion has two floors and basement, although the basement does not cover the entire area of the mansion. It has 40 rooms with floor area of approximately 2,500 m2. The mansion has a square footprint (approximately 46 x 51 m) with a central courtyard (approximately 27 x 29 m) in center of which is a well (see floor plan). The courtyard can be entered through main gate.

The mansion has two strong bastions, since it had been originally built to be able to withstand an attack. As one of the few mansions in Slovakia, it has undergone only minor renovations, and as such maintained the purity of Renaissance style. The most preserved Renaissance elements are floors, vaults, ceilings, and the fireplace.

Originally an English park covers an area of 12 hectares (120,362 m2) and is bounded by a metal fence. Some valuable plants, red oak - Quercus rubra, Ginkgo - Ginkgo biloba (an estimated age of over 230 years), black walnut - Juglans nigra, horse chestnut - Aesculus hippocastaneum, and domestic woods - maple, linden, elms, were preserved in the park. There are two streams in the park, which flow from the north to the south around the center of the park area and create a forked shape.

The mansion has not been used since 1995, so it needs to be renovated. Only the roof has been maintained in habitable condition in the past. Cleaning of the park area has been rather sporadic. There are numerous potential uses of the mansion after an appropriate renovation, like for example private residence, park hotel, conference center, rehabilitation center, and boarding school, ...

Price 850 000,- eur (7,11 eur / m2 of land)

+421 911 44 22 22

Slovak Republic
Historical building
Original condition
Usable area
4 000.00 m²
Built-up area
2 500.00 m²
Land area
119 488.00 m²
Year of construction
Basement area
350.00 m²
Date of adding